Portable Wooden Folding Chess Game with Staunton Pieces

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If you play chess, you will love this Folding Wooden Chess Game with carved
wooden pieces. Made from all-natural wood, this elegant game folds in half so
pieces can be stored inside the game board when not in use.

The metal
latch on every board ensures no pieces get lost in transit, making this a
perfect Chess set for travel, vacations, picnics and more. The interior of each
board is lined with brown felt, preventing the wooden playing pieces from
becoming scratched. The board measures approximately 14 inches long and 6.5
inches wide.

Each playing piece features a felt-lined bottom for easy
movement on the chess board. There are 16 lightwood pawns and 16 darkwood pawns
carved in the Staunton style. The squares on the board measure 1.5 inches, and
the playing pieces range in height from 1-2 inches.