Wooden Craps Dice Boat

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Add a professional flair to your next home game with this craps dice boat. Made from high-quality wood, each boat is stained with a light finish to highlight the natural wood grain.

A craps dice boat is the device casinos use during a craps game to hold dice for the players. There are typically five dice in the boat. At the beginning of a roll, the dealer empties the boat and pushes five dice to the player. The player selects two dice. The dealer recalls the three unused dice and places them back into the boat. Each player is offered their choice of dice, so the boat is used between each roll. A player is also reoffered their choice of dice if a die rolls off the table.

The craps dice boat wood measures approximately 7 inches long, while the radius of the semi-circle is about 3.5 inches. The semi-circular build of the dice boat is important so it lays flat against the wall. This dice boat is also ideal for other dice games, including Yahtzee and Backgammon.

The quality craftsmanship of each boat ensures you will have a durable game piece that will add a nice flair to any event. The dice boat's dimensions and construction meet North American casino standards.

Dice are not included.