25 Poker Card Guard Protectors "POT COMMITTED" Wholesale Lot of 25

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25 Hand Painted "Pot Committed" Poker Card Guards. Lot of 25 True Wholsale Rate.

These deluxe hand painted card covers comes complete with clear plastic cases (pictured below) for storage and protection. The front of this heavy duty coin is hand painted and the back is finished like a fine gold coin. Approx. 1-1/2" diameter.

These coins are 100% metal! Weight is approximately 31 grams.

These sell easily for $8.75 each or higher. Check it out! Search single card guards. We offer this deal at only $4.00 per coin. That's 100% or more profit for you. Start making money now!!

Buy here and resell on eBay or at swap meets!! High profit mark up!!

Free Shipping to ensure you make the most on your investment.

Most of the time these coins are in stock, however, on some occasions a three week turn around will be required.